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​    About Nancy

                        Nancy was born, 1961 in Massachusetts.  Her family moved to California when she was a child.  Growing up on the west

​       coast and frequently visiting family in New England for extended stays formed Nancy's perspective of "being" from both sides of

      the country.  Nancy, her husband, and 2 grown daughters reside in northern California along with her 3 Chihuahuas, 2 cats, and 2

      horses.  Nancy teaches in the art department at  a junior college and a state college.  She has been teaching a variety of visual art

      classes for 18 years.  Nancy has a MFA from Lesley University College of Art & Design (formerly the Art Institute of Boston), a MA in

      Art Education from Boston University, a California Single Subject Teaching Credential K- 12 in ART, and a BFA from the School of

      the Art Institute of Chicago. Nancy is a multi-media artist who primarily works with painting and photography but also works

      sculpturally on occasion.  Indeed, Nancy's work is self-empowerment with an additional skin. She uses the artists’ studio to look

      at the current socio-cultural landscape in the United States and through her ethnographic research she looks at the world

      around her in order to better understand ones self.  The primary drive for Nancy's work is and always has been about her body.

      Growing up as a fat child and living with this stigma greatly influences how she views herself, causing her to fixate on

      her physical being.  Nancy does not intend to debate the medical and scientific aspects of weight, but rather she addresses fat

      identity by providing a different way of looking at and understanding a corpulent body through a first person account.  As a

      feminist artist in contemporary times, Nancy's work addresses current topics of oppression in the form of ageism and "sizeism"

      in American culture.  Through Nancy's work she seeks to create change  in the Federal Title VII Civil Rights Act by adding

      "sizeism" as a protected class.

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